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I'm Jenn :) I love SYTYCD. ROBERT ROLDAN is my hero <3 aka: why my name is jennlovesrob. This tumblr is all about him :) I post pictures & videos of Robert often <3

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Robert is so handsome it hurts.

My favorite moment in “Say Something” :) @dance10Amy @RobertRoldan_

This is great :)

Kathryn, Lindsay Nelko, & Rob :)

love this!

Perfect for a throwback Thursday :)

"Get Out Alive" by Sheena Grobb

Featuring the beautiful and lovely Robert Roldan & Kathryn McCormick

Choreographed by: Lindsay Nelko

Truly one of the most beautiful things I have seen in a long time!

I sent and shared this to Robert tonight… Might as well put it here in case you all want to see.

It scares me sometimes how much life is changing and how quickly time has gone by… It blows my mind that I have been a fan of Robert for almost four years now… It’s been almost four years since “Fix You” and that rough patch in my life. It’s been almost four years of desperately waiting to meet Robert and coming up short or going months/years at a time with no chance at all to see the man.

It scares me that one person could have such a big impact on my life. How is it possible that someone can mean so much, inspire so much, & do so much (whether by accident or on purpose) to make my life better?

Sometimes I just sit and take it all in. I’m so freaking lucky… The inspiration this guy gives me is just more than I can ever put into words. The entertainment he brings is always fantastic and I could watch him dance/act for hours. The wise words, kindness, humor, and love Rob has brought into my life over the years has been so wonderful. We all have bad days….and every once in a while I’ll just sit and read some of the tweets and messages from him. Sometimes I laugh, other days I cry…either way, I always end the experience just thanking God for the hero he put into my life.

Do I bring that kind of wisdom and love into someone’s life? Do people ever give thanks for my presence in their life? Boy, I hope so. I have a month left of school before I get to start living in the “real world.” I get to be someone’s teacher, leader, guider, and loving figure in their life. Never in my life have I been so scared to start a new journey. What if I can’t do it? What if I fail? What if I just wasted the last four years of my life? I don’t know…nobody does..but I do know this:

“Nothing can break you down if you don’t let it.” These are some wise words Robert told me a while back. I have been holding onto these words and reminding myself of this as I prepare to end this hard, amazing, awful, beautiful, and wonderful four-year journey.

I have been so blessed to have someone in my life that teaches me, provides wisdom, inspires me, shows me love, make me laugh, and who motivates me to be a better person. I hope and pray that I carry some of these traits and that I can provide my students with some or all of these things. I have definitely learned from the best…..that’s for sure :)

And although I’m currently in tears over the fear, happiness, and thankfulness that I feel right now - I’m going to end with another quote from Robert:
“Put a smile on! There are so many things in life to be thankful for!”

I will always keep these words close to my heart - especially over the next few weeks. Thank you Robert for all the things you have said and done. You have played a part in my crazy college journey and your words have helped me more than you will ever know. I may never get to thank you in person, but at least I can thank you like this!

Love you.


Channing, Robert, & Jenna :)

Love this!

Robert Roldan being ridiculously beautiful and talented at Co Dance Chicago :)

2011 Emmy nominations: Stacey Tookey - Heaven Is A Place On Earth

So stunning!

Robert Roldan is my MCM because….

well look at him ;)

Courtney, Jeff, & Robert at the SYTYCD Season 11 LA auditions today :)